Brands on Pike&Kip


Heroine Sport

Heroine (hĕr′ō-ĭn): a woman distinguished by strength, endurance and empowerment. Heroine is a hybrid activewear collection that embodies high-fashion sensibility with a sporty attitude. This “Made in USA” collection, fashioned in high-tech performance fabrics and rich details, transitions day into night, streets to the gym.

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Ellie Sport

We create unique, stylish pieces that you can wear when you’re working out or out on the town. Ellie apparel is designed to complement every part of your routine. Whether it’s a unique top for pre and post workout, moisture wicking pieces for intense routines, or accessories to accent your outfit, we have you covered at Ellie.

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Koral Activewear

From Peter Koral and Creative Director, Ilana Kugel comes Koral Activewear—high-tech, comfort-chic collection that will effortlessly take you from spin class to the farmer’s market to the café. Koral Activewear is designed and crafted in Los Angeles, CA with the highest quality standards.

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Pike & Kip is for the modern workout junkie - for the movers, the shakers, the flat out hard working people who sweat, and want to look good doing it. Pike & Kip brings women transitional activewear that can be worn at the gym, out to lunch, or if you’re really bold… out on the town.